Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweeeeeet Sydney

Howdy from Sydney!
I am just wrapping up my second full day here in Sydney and I have absolutely loved it so far. The city is much larger than I had imagined, then again I have been in the very tiny (300,000 people) city of Wellington for the past few months.

After a full day of traveling on Saturday, my friend Kelsey and I arrived in Sydney around 7 pm that night. We took a shuttle to our hostel, the Blue Parrot, located in King's Cross in Sydney. After a quick meal, it was an early night for us as we were exhausted from the traveling.

But we made the most out of Sunday! We took the train (subway) to Darling Harbour. The subway system in Sydney is quite extensive, I believe there are 7 or 8 different lines that stretch out into the suburbs. After getting off the subway we ventured into Paddy's Market, which was pretty much like a giant flea/farmer's market filled with all sorts of things. I have to admit I spent a bit on souvenirs for myself...and of course family and friends! After spending an hour or so in the market we walked along the harbour. There were SO many people doing the same thing. It's incredible the number of tourists. After walking around the harbour and seeing the maritime museum (a few naval ships and submarines) we took the train to Circular Quay to see the other side of the harbor where the Bridge and Opera House are located. As soon as the train came above ground and I saw the Opera House for the first time my mouth dropped. I guess I wasn't expecting something so large, or I was just so psyched to finally see it, but I was speechless. Then of course the Sydney Harbor Bridge is pretty incredible as well. We checked both structures out up close and I got quite a few pictures of everything. As it was Easter on Sunday, Kelsey and I treated ourselves to a nice meal seeing as we were both a little sad not to be with our families for the holiday. But Easter dinner right on the harbor was a close second best. After taking a second look at the Opera House after the sun had set, Kelsey and I took the subway back to King's Cross and our hostel to call it a night.

Today we had planned to go to Bondi Beach, but the weather did not work out in our favor. Instead we walked the city some more, seeing the Queen Victoria building, the Sky Tower, and Sydney's version of Hyde Park. Later this evening I'm planning to go see Avatar on Sydney's IMAX. I know it's been forever, but I'm finally going to see it. I figured it was about time, seeing as my parents have seen the film like 3 or 4 times now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be beach weather. We also plan to go to the Wildlife Park so that I can finally see that Koala bear I've been dying to hold.

Wednesday morning I leave for Tokyo at 7 am and will arrive there around 6 pm (Tokyo time). I am getting very very excited for some quality time with Tiina. I think it is probably a good thing I came to Sydney first seeing as this city is a bit overwhelming coming from Wellington, I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when I first get to the ENORMOUS city of Tokyo!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Much love!!

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